LA Review of Books Relaunches

By Mark Athitakis

Yesterday the Los Angeles Review of Books launched its brand-new website, moving fromTumblr to a robust, comments-enabled platform. LARB editor Tom Lutz answered some questions about the site last year as part of Critical Mass' “Conversations With Literary Websites” series. At the time, he spoke about his ambitions for the full-fledged site:

Our entire architecture (not that of the Tumblr site up now, our ‘preview review,’ but that of the full site) has been developed as a web entity.  This does not simply mean we will have multimedia content, but that the site is deeply inter-relational, densely linked, and designed to create pathways from what people know they like to things they didn’t know they liked.  The experience, thus, will be different, and the result, over the years, will be a wide-ranging encyclopedia of literary discussion, not simply an indexed list of articles and reviews.

Read the full Q&A with Lutz.