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Who Can Donate to the NBCC

The NBCC will accept donations from individuals and organizations under the following conditions:

Donors must disclose their full name, address and profession. All donations are to be reviewed by the Treasurer, President and the Chair of the Fundraising Committee before being accepted in order to determine if there are any conflicts of interest, potential conflicts of interest, violations of ethical standards, or perceptions of such violations.The committee will accept donations that help the NBCC in its work to foster literary criticism and enhance literary culture.

Donations from publishers may be accepted at the discretion of the board.

Authors who donate during the same calendar year they publish a book will be ineligible for that year’s awards. Donations do not include tickets purchased for NBCC events.

The NBCC will not accept any donations from NBCC members competing for the Balakian award in the year the donation is made. Any donation made by a member prior to but in the same calendar year as that member’s entry in the Balakian competition will be returned.

APPROVED September 2019 and AMENDED BY VOTE October 2019.

Now, more than ever, our culture needs critical voices, and we need your help. Founded in 1974, the National Book Critics Circle supports and encourages the art and craft of literary criticism.

Your donation will help make possible a much-needed relaunch of our website, which provides member services and a home for our work. In turn, you will be supporting our annual literary awards, our Emerging Critics Fellowships, and our in-person events and outreach across the nation.

The National Book Critics Circle is a 510c(3) nonprofit.

To donate by credit card, please click the button above. You may also send a check made out to the National Book Critics Circle to our treasurer: Marion Winik, 4600 Keswick Rd., Baltimore, MD 21210