Final Literary and Elevated Thoughts—-do we have any?

by Maureen McLane | Jan-24-2009

Do support your local independent bookstores!

“Brush up your Shakespeare”!

“The best laid plans of mice and men/gang aft agley”—Burns

“A man’s a man for a’ that”—Burns

Robert, visiting our blogging station, offers “good thoughts, positive thoughts.”  Robert very generously allows us to publish his positive vibes…..
“I’m a nonfiction guy” Robert reports…...

“I’ve got news for you,” Robert informs us, “Obama’s inheriting all this stuff…..”

True it is…....

Let’s hear it for an improved body politic nonetheless.

“Are you a student of American history?”


And here is Eric Banks with Sam Anderson, last year’s NBCC Nona Balakian winner: Sam any thoughts?  Sam says, my mother reports: “Did you know that tonight is the Miss America pageant?  So as you pass the crown of the Balakian to the next winner, Miss America will be passing her crown to the New Miss America 2009?!”  HERE SHE IS…........

Eric to Sam: “Who’s she voting for?”
Sam: “For Miss America? I have no idea.”

Let’s hear it for…VANESSA WILLIAMS!

So folks, time to wrap up our festivities, and turn to matters gustatory, political, nocturnal, etc.  It’s been a fine night of high-wire tension, ecstasy for some….the NBCC has continued its sojourn and its process and invites you all to the March events, and also encourages you all to explore the finalists’ work and to converse with friends…...

Last minute introductions: Art meets David Varno….and we now sign off and go to get our own wine: David? Closing thoughts? Over to you——-


...Overhearing Eric Banks tell Sam Anderson about 1959’s Miss America, who continues to make appearances in his Mississippi hometown.

...there’s bread pudding to take home!

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