30 Books: 30 Books in 30 Days: Nonfiction

By Members Of The National Book Critics Circle Board

Each year, our board members write citations of the finalists for the National Book Critics Circle Awards in a feature we call 30 Books in 30 Days. We’re honored to

30 Books: Stay True by Hua Hsu

By Keetje Kuipers

“History is a tale we tell, not a perfect account of reality,” reflects a young Hua Hsu to his friend Ken in Stay True (Doubleday). “You just have to figure

30 Books: Milkweed Smithereens by Bernadette Mayer

By Mandana Chaffa

“Bernadette Mayer’s Milkweed Smithereens (New Directions), a collection of older and newer poems, offers further proof of her importance in the contemporary American poetry landscape. Mayer’s poetry has always been an exuberant