NBCC at Book Expo America:  The Crisis in Book Reviewing: Disappearing Space, Disappearing Pay

By Jane Ciabattari

The Crisis in Book Reviewing: Disappearing Space, Disappearing Pay

Date: May 30, 2018,  12:00 PM – 12:50 PM

Location: Book Expo America, Jacob Javits Center: 1E10

Over the past 10 years, book-review sections in many American newspapers have  gone on life support. At least one major newspaper that once spent close to $100,000 annually on book reviews now budgets zero for book reviews. One result is that the same review often runs in more papers than ever before.  Do newer digital ventures make up for the print decline in either space or pay?


Christopher Carduff, Books Editor, The Wall Street Journal

Gerald Howard, Vice-President and Executive Editor, Doubleday

Julia M. Klein, Cultural Critic

Kate Tuttle, President, National Book Critics Circle and columnist, The Boston Globe

Moderator: Carlin Romano, Critic-at-Large, The Chronicle of Higher Education, Vice President, NBCC, Author, America the Philosophical (Alfred A. Knopf)


NBCC members not already credentialed to attend Book Expo America will be able to do so on May 30th for this panel. We're working out what the procedure will be, and will let everyone know as soon as BEA decides how it wants to arrange that.