Year 2022: Stay True by Hua Hsu

By Keetje Kuipers

“History is a tale we tell, not a perfect account of reality,” reflects a young Hua Hsu to his friend Ken in Stay True (Doubleday). “You just have to figure

Year 2022: Milkweed Smithereens by Bernadette Mayer

By Mandana Chaffa

“Bernadette Mayer’s Milkweed Smithereens (New Directions), a collection of older and newer poems, offers further proof of her importance in the contemporary American poetry landscape. Mayer’s poetry has always been an exuberant

Year 2022: Dr. No by Percival Everett

By Colette Bancroft

If Groucho Marx and Richard Pryor became mathematics professors and decided to collaborate on a spoof of Ian Fleming’s James Bond novels, they might come up with something like Percival

Year 2022: Hello I Must Be Going by David Hernandez

By Ruben Quesada

David Hernandez’s fifth poetry collection Hello I Must Be Going (Univ. of Pittsburgh), guides us through lucid and surreal observations. His writing trajectory over the years is impressive. In addition