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What Out-of-Print Titles Should Be Republished?

By Eric Banks

We are now in our second year of “NBCC Reads.” This survey allows us to draw on the bookish expertise of our membership, along with former NBCC winners and finalists. Three times a year, we pose a question and post the results here on Critical Mass. We do not tabulate votes or rank the titles under discussion. Instead, we simply give an idea of the authors or particular titles that seem to be tickling the collective fancy of the organization. We will also post specific responses as “Long Tail” entries on the blog, and hope to sponsor related panels from coast to coast. (Let us know if you'd like to set one up in your community.)

Now, for the current question. Which work of fiction or nonfiction would you most like to see republished?

From Stendhal to Christina Stead, John Donne to Dawn Powell, the history of publishing is replete with examples of books and writers who fell through the critical cracks, only to be rediscovered and celebrated decades later. In recent years titles as varied as Irène Némerosky’s Suite Française, Richard Yates’s Revolutionary Road, and Hans Keilson’s Death and the Adversary have become bestsellers through the patient advocacy of critics. What books would you most like to see return to print, and why? We encourage you to send along a few sentences explaining your choice (or choices).

Please send all responses to Given the volume of responses, we will not be acknowledging your emails, but rest assured, they will be read with maniacal attention and curiosity.

The deadline is November 20. We look forward to hearing from you!