Critical Notes

Around the Internets with the NBCC and Others…


Over at the New York Times’ reading room, Jonathan Galassi and others are having an intriguing discussion of one of my favorite novels, Walker Percy’s The Moviegoer.

Former NBCC finalist Ron Slate has started a blog and recently looked back at Lewis Hyde’s terrific book, The Gift.

Over at his blog, NBCC member Mark Athiatkis whets his appetite for Judith Freeman’s newish book on Chandler.

Looking for a radical bookshop in London? Try Housmans.

Member Philip Manning bemoans the paucity of science books on best of year lists.

Novelist, ex-publisher, short story writer, and occasional critic Dan Menaker is taking up the mantle of an internet-based book chat show.

NBCC member, critic and former San Jose Mercury News book editor Charles Matthews has begun blogging.

NBCC member Ed Petit has redesigned his blog, the Bibliothecary.

The new Bookforum is online with pieces by over a dozen NBCC members, from Jessa Crispin to Nicole Rudick, Balakian winners Steven G. Kellman and Albert Mobilio, finalist David Hajdu, winner Gerald Early, new board member Eric Banks, ex board members Peter Terzian and Kera Bolonik, and lots more.