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In Retrospect: Around the World with Robert Lowell


Want to read some of the poems from “Day by Day?” You can read “Homecoming” and“Epilogue” online at the Academy of American Poets.

You can read Frederick Seidel's Paris Review interview with Robert Lowell right here. 

An interesting history of an incident which unfolded on Yaddo involving Robert Lowell, Flannery O'Connor, and the CIA.

You can buy “Day by Day” here.

NBCC winning poet Mark Rudman has written an introduction to Lowell's work, which includes a chapter on “Day by Day,” which you can find here.

You can also buy John Thompson's piece, which ran in The New York Review, October 1977, a month after Lowell's death, here. A pull quote from this piece appears on the back of “Day by Day.”

NBCC poetry winner Troy Jollimore's close reading of Lowell's poem, “Skunk Hour,” just went up online over at

Tom Paulin reviews “The Collected Poem” of Robert Lowell in The Observer. “Lowell dominated my generation,” he writes: “his mighty, Marlovian lines had an insistent greatness right from the start.”