Around the World with Fred Seidel

By John Freeman

In honor of Frederick Seidel, today's round-up will focus on his 2006 NBCC finalist volume, “Ooga-Booga.”


After reading “Oooga-Booga,” Adam Kirsch believes Seidel might just be the best living American poet.


Click here to hear Seidel read from his poems.


New York magazine sits down with the delightful and debonair Seidel — poet, Ducatti daredevil, and hotel bar afficianado.


Biker dudes like Seidel.


In New Zealand, Seidel is known as the Darth Vader of contemporary poetry. (scroll to bottom of page) —


NBCC member Joel Brouwer says “these new poems are as beguiling and magisterial as anything the septuagenarian jet-setter has written.”


Barbara Berman finds in “Ooga-Booga” a poet who wraps brittleness around tenderness better than any other in America.