Thank You to Our Donors and Supporters!

By Anita Felicelli



Fundraising for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Initiatives

Fall 2021 – Spring 2022


Beth Sears, Vice President and Chief of Strategic Partnerships at National Immigration Forum

Eileen Bordy, Writer

Jack Rakove, Pulitzer Prize winner and Stanford Professor

Karin Spirn, Writer and Martial Arts Instructor at Tuff Love Fitness

Charu Suri Trio, Jazz Ensemble 

Lisa Locascio, Author

Mendocino Coast Writer’s Conference

Calvert Morgan, Executive Editor at Riverhead

Charles Yu, National Book Award Winner and Author

Lillian Faderman, Author and Scholar 

Blaise Zerega, Managing Editor of Alta Journal

David Ulin, Book Editor at Alta Journal

California Book Club and Dana Johnson, William Finnegan and Rebecca Solnit

Alta Journal

Oscar Villalon, Editor of Zyzzyva


Expedition Press

Meg Waite Clayton, Author and Critic

Yancy Martinez, Designer

Fiction Advocate, Publisher

Anjali Enjeti, Author and Critic

Susan Coll, Novelist, Critic and President of PEN/Faulkner Foundation

Esther Chang, Artist

David Daley, Author, Journalist and Editor

Merve Emre, Critic and Oxford Don

Leland Cheuk, Author, Critic and Founder of 7.13 Books

The Ruby 

Center for the Art of Translation and Two Lines Press

Harper Perennial

Graywolf, Publisher

New Directions, Publisher

Counterpoint Press, Publisher

Carolina De Robertis, Author

Sarah Stone, Author

Sublunary Editions, Publisher

Tiana Clark, Poet

Ian Haney López, Author and Professor

Tanaïs, Author and the Founder of Beauty and Fragrance House Tanaïs

Alice Waters and Chez Panisse

Austin Bat Cave

The Grotto

Kate Milliken, Author

Ethel Rohan, Author

The Mastheads, Public Arts and Humanities Project 

Lisa Teasley, Author, Artist, and Editor

Aleksandar Hemon, Novelist and Screenwriter

Poetry Northwest

David Varno, Fiction Editor at Publisher’s Weekly

Broadside PR

Darin Strauss, Novelist and Screenwriter

Vanessa Angélica Villareal, Poet

Phillip B. Williams, Poet

Eduardo Corral, Poet

Joy Priest, Poet

Afaa Michael Weaver, Poet and Professor

Allison Hedge Coke, Poet

Ethel Rohan, Author

Farah Yasmin Shaikh and Noorani Dance

The (Great) Indian Poetry Collective 

Suzanne Williams 

Carl Phillips, Poet

Sarah Russo, Author Marketing

Pilsen Community Books

Lori Feathers, Interabang Books 

Laurie Muchnick, Fiction Editor at Kirkus

Naomi Shihab Nye, Poet

Michael Schaub, Critic

Keetje Kuipers, Poet, Critic, and Professor

Rebecca Morgan Frank, Poet, Critic and Professor

Marion Winik, Author, Essayist, Professor and Critic

Jane Ciabattari, Author, Critic and Journalist

Ruben Quesáda, Poet and Critic

Heather Partington, Critic

Chelsea Leu, Critic

Adam Dalva, Critic

Carlin Romano, Author, Critic and Journalist

Jacob Appel, Author, Critic and Bioethicist

Maris Kreizman, Author, Critic, and Podcaster

Megan Labrise, Editor at Large at Kirkus, Critic and Podcaster

Anita Felicelli, Author, Critic, Editor and Ghostwriter

Winning Bidders

Lillian Howan, Author

Susan Shapiro, Writer and Professor

Patricia Jarzanoski, Writer of Literary Fiction, Book Reviews and Articles

Fiona McCrae, Publisher of Graywolf Press

Parul Hinzen, Author and Critic

Leanne Phillips, Writer

Andre Hardy, Crime Writer, Activist, and NFL Alum

Bret Fausett, Chief Legal Officer and VP of Regulatory Affairs

Kelly Wallace, Journalist and Managing Director

Adam Dalva, Critic

David Varno, Fiction Editor at Publisher’s Weekly

Rita Chang-Eppig, Author

Jessica Murray, News Report for The Guardian

Mia Lipman Irwin, Principal Editor and Founder of Dots & Dashes

Mark Athitakis, Writer, Editor, Critic, Blogger, Reporter and Essayist

Jeremy Wang-Iverson, Founder of Vesto PR

Clay Smith, Innovator and Tech Educator

Vartuhi Vartanyan, CoFounder of Sync Yoga and Cycle

Christian Teresi, Poet and Arts/Educational/Cultural Advocate

Kimberly Doty

Rigoberto Gonzalez, Poet

Simone Meunch, Author and Poet

Ina Roy-Faderman, Author, Poet and Professor

Michelle Thornton, Producer, Writer and Consultant

Jane Ciabattari, Author, Critic and Journalist

Julia Flynn Siler, Author and Journalist

Mary Lou Cassingham

Robert Riedl, Producer and Writer

Rebecca Frank, Book Cover Designer

John Weiner, Writer, Producer and Director

Jennie Burke, Writer and Teacher

Kelli Gail, Writer

Lauren Cerand, Publicist

Ann Gelder, Writer

Rebecca Tanner, Senior Advisor at Associate Director’s Office, Refugee, Aslyum, and International Operations

Anita Felicelli, Author Critic, Editor, and Ghostwriter

Lisa Locascio, Author

Ying Zhu Chin, Professor

Sharon Sasaki, Author and Artist

Elizabetth McDermott, Professor

Jai Chakrabarti, Author