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NBCC Biography Finalists in Conversation with New School MFA Students 2015


Finalist S. C. Gwynne in Conversation with Nick Johnston

Nick Johnston: I know it’s been four years since you published Empire of the Southern Moon, but when did you get the idea of writing a biography of Stonewall Jackson, and from then on, how long did it take to research and write? Also, was there a typical pattern to a research day for you?

S. C. Gwynne: Back in 2010–11 I had the wonderful good fortune of having a bestseller on my hands. When that happens your options open up a bit and for at least a brief moment in time you can think about doing something you might not normally think about doing. I just went back to what I thought were the most interesting people in history I had heard of, and started reading. Stonewall won. The book took about four years from proposal to the last copy edits. There is no typical pattern for me. I generally spend about 70 percent of my time researching and 30 percent writing and the writing of course always comes after the research….more

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