Critical Notes

Roundup: John Freeman, Ann Patchett, memories of Doris Lessing and Wanda Coleman, and more

By Eric Liebetrau

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In BookforumRebecca Donner interviews former NBCC president John Freeman about his new book, How to Read a Novelist.

NBCC board member David L. Ulin remembers the recently deceased Doris Lessing. He also remembers poet Wanda Coleman.

Maureen Corrigan reviews Fiona McFarlane's The Night Guest.

Paul Wilner reviews Donald Lystra's Something that Feels Like Truth for Zyzzyva.

2012 NBCC General Nonfiction Award winner Andrew Solomon wins the Green Carnation Prize.

“Whom or What Are Literary Prizes For?” asks Daniel Mendelsohn and Jennifer Szalai in the New York Times.

NBCC board member Carolyn Kellogg remembers the late screenwriting-guide writer Syd Field.

Erika Dreifus reviews Rhidian Brook's The Aftermath for the Washington Post.

Marion Winik reviews Ann Patchett's new memoir for Newsday.

LISTEN to Walter Muyumba talk about “JFK Voices: Tragedy, Fiction and the Gap After Kennedy.”

In the Boston ReviewGeorge Scialabba discusses how he keeps his day job from swallowing him; what’s terrifying about the horizontalist tendencies of the hive mind; and why he’s always revisiting the titular question of his 2009 collection, What Are Intellectuals Good For?

Library Journal editor Barbara Hoffert takes a look at the 2013 National Book Awards.

For the Palm Beach Arts PaperBill Williams reviews A House in the Sky by Amanda Lindhout and Sara Corbett.

NBCC board member Steven G. Kellman reviews Paul Auster's latest memoir.

In the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Julie Hakim Azzam talks with James Dashner, author of the young adult Maze Runner series.

NBCC board member Eric Miles Williamson reviews Earle Labor's biography of Jack London.

Joe Peschel reviews Jayne Anne Phillips' novel Quiet Dell appears in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.