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Guest Post from Curt Schleier: Are you ready for e-Galleys?

By Jane Ciabattari

NBCC member Curt Schleier responds to Question 4 in our series:

I've seen e-books (friends have Kindles) but never read one.  So I may be wrong, but as far as I know:

1) You cannot fold down the corner of ebook pages where there are pertinent points you need to save for a review.
2) You cannot underline those points or make notes in the margin of an ebook.
3) You cannot pass an ebook on to friends.
4) I wouldn't read an e-book at the beach because sand gets into everything;
5) Regular books can be read very slowly and don't need to be rechaqrged.
6) Regular books smell better.
7) If properly placed, regular books can keep doors from closing.
8) No one steals a book.  No one.