Critical Mass

What Are You Looking Forward to Reading, Nelson George?

By David Haglund

Critical Mass has been querying writers all summer to see what they're reading. Here's what two-time Criticism finalist Nelson George had to say:

I’ve been preparing to write a crime novel with a musical theme, so I’ve been reading a lot of noir thrillers. Finished the last of Steig Larsson’s series on the long flight to China a couple of weeks back. Very dense mix of Swedish history and original narrative. Currently working my way through David Peace’s Red Riding Quartet, which has an admirable sense of place and embrace of brutality. Loving them. So that’s my summer.


Nelson George has twice been a finalist for the NBCC Awardfor Criticism: in 1988 for The Death of Rhythm and Blues and in 1998 for Hip Hop America. Formerly a columnist for Billboard and the Village Voice, he has also written a book about Motown, Where Did Our Love Go; a novel, One Woman Short; and a memoir, City Kid, along with several other works of nonfiction. He is a screenwriter and a producer and hosted the travel show Soul Cities on VH1. His latest book is Thriller: The Musical Life of Michael Jackson.