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Thoughts about Arts and Culture Funding? Contribute to WNYC’s Wiki


With the economy tanking and the future of arts and culture funding up in the air, WNYC host Brian Lehrer (pictured here) is offering those who care about book culture a chance to collaborate on this topic on a “wiki,” part of his election special Presidential Election Series “30 Issues in the 30 Days.”

Lehrer will investigate both candidates’ plans for arts and culture funding, and he wants your help.

He invites listeners to suggest guests, angles, background reading, questions. Bloggers from Instapundit (conservative) and (liberal) are advising to ensure that both sides (or many sides) of an issue are considered. But you have to act fast. The “Arts and Culture Funding” show will air Friday, October 24, at 10 am ET (available anywhere via live stream here).