Critical Notes

Catchup Roundup 2


NBCC board member Geeta Sharma-Jensen talks to Daphne Beal.

Former NBCC president John Freeman talks to the BBC about David Foster Wallace. And finds Julian Barnes’s new memoir “barbarously intelligent.”

NBCC board member David L. Ulin shifts to the sports pages of the Los Angeles Times to remember his first visit to Yankee Stadium.

NBCC member Stephen Lyons talks to Paul Theroux (download or listen here).

NBCC member Sylvia Brownrigg evaluates David Lodge’s new novel.

NBCC board member Lizzie Skurnick on Marilynne Robinson’s “Home.”

Philip Graham, whose dispatches from Lisbon have been appearing on the McSweeney’s website, passes along this link to “Write the Book,” from Burlington, Vt.