Critical Mass



The pace accelerates as Sam Zell, new owner of the Tribune Company, continues to dismantle the news organizations built over years. In what Tribune employees are calling Black Monday, highly respected Chicago Tribune editor in chief Ann Marie Lipinski resigned from her post and Los Angeles Times publisher David Hiller made his exit.

LA Observed notes pending changes in the Los Angeles Times Book Review, speculating that the stand-along review will end as of July 27.

Los Angeles Times editor Russ Stanton announced 150 layoffs beginning this week and ending in late August.


Earlier this month, I promised to give you details of the job cuts when I had them. Here they are:

Today, editors will begin notifying most of the 150 people who will be leaving us, and we hope to (complete that process within a matter of days. Some of our co-workers will be leaving today, many(at the end of this week, others in the weeks to come. Those leaving will be given detailed information(about the severance package they will receive, which includes one week of pay for every six months(of service, up to one year. All of those directly affected by this cutback will have departed by Friday,(Aug. 29).

The days and weeks ahead will be difficult ones, filled with pain, anger and sadness. All of us need(to respect the feelings of those who are leaving us, and the editors who are being asked to handle (duties they did not seek. As I’ve said before, I deeply regret that these cost-saving moves will (result in the loss of work for the many people who have served this company well.

The best way we can honor them, and to show our readers and our peers that the Los Angeles Times will continue to produce first-rate journalism, is to stay focused on our work.