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Former NBCC finalist Patrick Cockburn has the lead review in the Times this weekend, of a new book by Robin Wright, which argues there’s a change coming across the Middle East.

Cockburn also recently reported on Ahmadinejad’s visit to Baghdad.

Also in the Times—former NBCC fiction finalist Colson Whitehead says, enough about the cult of being a ‘Brooklyn writer.’

Member Karen Long delves into This Republic of Suffering, which wound up on the longlist of the NBCC’s Good Reads.

Board member Eric Miles Williamson reviews a new novel by former NBCC finalist Dagoberto Gilb.

Member Marc Weingarten rounds up the celebrations growing out of Saroyan’s centennial year. He also takes a look at Jimmy Breslin’s latest.

Naomi Klein, whose The Shock Doctrine wound up on the NBCC’s Good Reads, says calling Obama a Muslim shouldn’t be a smear.

Over at the Star Tribune, member Mark Athitakis, who has been curating In Retrospect’s week on Clockers, reviews Price’s latest, Lush Life.

Charles McGrath
and James Mustich also recently sat down with (or walked around with) Price.