Critical Mass

Around the World with the NBCC 3


NBCC fiction prize winner Jonathan Lethem goes sentence-mad in “The New Yorker.” 

Member Marco Roth takes a bite out of the new Coetzee while over at Slate Judith Shulevitz marches into her review with one of the most winning ledes I can remember in awhile.

At Salon, former board member Laura Miller weighs in on her picks of the year while over at Time current board member Lev Grossman serves up his.

Recent critical library contributor Charles Taylor is not impressed with a new biography of Condoleeza Rice: “it shows how the entire notion of “balance’’ has sucked the vitality out of mainstream journalism,” he writes, “both stylistically and intellectually.”

Member Elizabeth Hand points out some books in 2007 you might have missed.

Recent member Brooke Allen finds lessons for both sides of the political fence in a new book about Orwell and propaganda.