Critical Mass

Around the World with the NBCC 2


In the Chicago Tribune, three-time NBCC winning novelist E.L. Doctorow reviews the latest memoir by the indomintable Studs Terkel, who won the NBCC’s Ivan R. Sandrof Award for lifetime achivement in 2005.

Member Chuck Leddy reviews the memoir of Egil “Bud” Krogh, who went to prison for doing Nixon’s bidding.

The Nation has Al Gore’s Nobel lecture.

Also at The Nation, NBCC winner and former criticism finalist Katha Pollitt is stumping for an independent Texas bookstore.

In the Boston Globe, William H. Pritchard dips into John Updike’s latest, “Due Considerations.”

The Paris Review has the late Elizabeth Hardwick’s interiew up on their site.

Over at there’s an audio download of NBCC finalist Mark Doty reading a poem about a birthday present he gave the late Stanley Kunitz.