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The Long, Long Long List for Fiction


It would be absurd to act as if the Best Recommended List highlighted everyone's votes — to do that we'd need a list of books close to a 1,000 titles long. But in the interest of showing the breadth of voting, here are the fiction titles which received multiple votes, in order of the book with the highest votes received.

Ian McEwan, “On Chesil Beach;” Lydia Millet, “How the Dead Dream;” Michael Ondaatje, “Divisadero;” Richard Russo, “The Bridge of Sighs;” Khaled Hosseini, “A Thousand Splendid Suns;” Joshua Ferris, “Then We Came to the End;” Mario Vargas Llosa, “The Bad Girl;” Ha Jin, “The Free Life;” Don Delillo, “Falling Man;” Amy Bloom, “Away;” Robert Walser, “The Assistant;” David Leavitt, “The Indian Clerk;” Manil Suri, “The Age of Shiva;” Marianne Wiggins, “Shadow Catcher;” William Trevor, “Cheating at Canasta;” Leo Tolstoy, “War and Peace:” Andrew O'Hagan, “Be Near Me;” Thomas Mallon, “Fellow Travelers;” Deidre McNamer, “Red Rover;” Mohsin Hamid, “The Reluctant Fundamentalist;” Jon Clinch, “Finn;” Jim Shepard, “Like You'd Understand, Anyway;” Nathan Englander, “The Ministry of Special Cases;” Roberto Bolano, “Savage Detectives;” David Peace, “Tokyo, Year Zero;” John Burdett, “Bangkok Haunts;” Vikram Chandra, “Sacred Games;” Andre Aciman, “Call Me By Your Name;” Adrian Tomine, “Shortcomings;” Brocke Clarke, “An Arsonist's Guide to Writers' Homes in New England;” Annie Dillard, “The Maytrees;” Anne Enright, “The Gathering;” Ann Patchett, “Run;” Jim Harrison, “Returning to Earth;” Valerie Martin, “Trespass;” Naeem Murr, “The Perfect Man;” Steve Erickson, “Zeroville;” Alan Bennett, “An Uncommon Reader;” Joyce Carol Oates, “The Gravedigger's Daughter;” Margaret Drabble, “The Sea Lady;” Matthew Eck, “The Father Shore;” A.L. Kennedy, “Day;” Carol Muske-Dukes, “Channeling Mark Twain;” Lore Segal, “Shakespeare's Kitchen;” Pat Barker, “Life Class;” Ehud Havazelet, “Bearing the Body;” Stephane Audeguy, “The Theory of Clouds;” Min Jee Lee, “Free Food for Millionaires.”