Critical Notes

Judith Miller, Ross Macdonald, Toni Morrison, T.C. Boyle, Ali Smith, and more

By Eric Liebetrau

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Anne Payne reviews George Hodgman’s “Bettyville.”

Maureen Corrigan examines a “Suburbia-Gone-Sour In Ross Macdonald's Crime Fiction.”

At the Minneapolis Star-Tribue, Ellen Akins reviews Toni Morrison's “God Help the Child.”

Cliff Garstang reviews Darrin Doyle's “The Dark Will End the Dark.”

David Biespiel and Rigoberto Gonzalez on “The Fate of the Writer.”

Julia M. Klein reviews Judith Miller's “My Story” for Columbia Journalism Review. She also reviews Richard Reeves's “Infamy” for the Boston Globe. In addition, Klein reviews Richard J. Evans's “The Third Reich in History and Memory” for the Jewish Daily Forward.

Michael Magras reviews T.C. Boyle's new novel, “The Harder They Come.”

Antonio Tabucchi's “Time Ages In a Hurry: Stories,” reviewed by John Domini.

Michelle Newby reviews Chris Cander's “Whisper Hollow.”

Larry Smith reviews “The Road Home: A Contemporary Exploration of the Buddhist Path.”

In the New York Journal of Books, David Cooper reviews “Portrait of a Man Known as Il Condottiere” by Georges Perec.

Linda Simon, interviewed in Bloom magazine.

Nathaniel Popkin reviews Ali Smith's “How to Be Both.”

Laurie Hertzel: “Per Petterson on writing, translating, and his reluctance to revise.” Hertzel also interviews Sonia Nazario, author of “Enrique's Journey.”

Mythili Rao reviews “The Folded Clock: A Diary” by Heidi Julavits and “Ongoingness: The End of a Diary” by Sarah Manguso in the Los Angeles Review of Books.

Christi Clancy reviews Jane Smiley's “Early Warning.”