Critical Notes

Roundup: Reviewing Self-Published Books, Lauren Groff, Carol Anshaw, more

By Mark Athitakis

What obligations do reviewers have to self-published books? Joseph Peschel talks to a variety of critics and authors for “Another 100,000 Galleys” at the Los Angeles Review of Books.

New York Review of Books editor Robert Silvers, honored by the NBCC earlier this month and to be honored by the Paris Review next month, is profiled in the New York Times.

Publishers Weekly reports from the March 8 NBCC panel on YA fiction; you can check out video of the entire panel as well.

Colette Bancroft reviews Lauren Groff’s novel Arcadia and Jack Kerouac’s unpublished first novel, The Sea Is My Brother, for the Tampa Bay Times.

Scott McLemee reviews R. Andrew Chesnut’s Devoted to Death: Santa Muerte, the Skeleton Saint for Inside Higher Ed.

Grace Lichtenstein reviews Best Music Writing 2011 and Will Hermes’ Love Goes to Buildings on Fire for Music Media Monthly.

Carmela Ciuraru reviews Carol Anshaw’s novel Carry the One for USA Today.

Philip Belcher reviews Ron Rash’s poetry collection Waking for Shenandoah.

Michael Lindgren reviews Terry Bisson’s novel Any Day Now for the Washington Post.

Adam Kirsch revisits Saul Bellow’s Mr. Sammler’s Planet at Tablet.

Steve Weinberg reviews Raymond Bonner’s An Anatomy of Injustice: A Murder Case Gone Wrong for the San Francisco Chronicle.

David L. Ulin reviews Reading for My Life, a collection of essays by John Leonard, for the Los Angeles Times.

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