Critical Mass

Updated NBCC Freelancing Guide Coming Soon

By Jane Ciabattari

Steve Weinberg, former NBCC board member, has just finished updated the NBCC freelancing guide; it will go to NBCC members later this month.
Steve notes that when he first compiled the first edition of this guide, it contained 34 entries. The December 2009 updated guide includes some 75 pages of listings.  And, he notes, “Like everybody else who tries to make NBCC a useful organization, I am a volunteer. I did the best I could within the hours I could find to devote to this project. I update the directory by sending a questionnaire via email to outlets that might pay for book reviews and book-related features. At the request of NBCC members, I have also included some non-paying outlets.”
Hurrahs and huge thanks to Steve for all the hard work. He created the first NBCC freelancing guide eight years ago and has updated it every year since. And he's done double duty this year. His latest update was May 2009. This is the first time the guide has been updated semiannually rather than annually. When you get your copy, please send him further updates, corrections, and notes on omissions or additions. Thanks!

Thanks also to the members of the National Book Critics Circle who replied to Steve's email request for feedback about the guide for freelancers, November 2009: David Abrams, Bruce Allen, Mary Jo Bang, Chris Barsanti, Nicky Beer, Carly Berwick, David Biespiel, Sue Bond, Mitzi Brunsdale, Dan Burns, Alan Caruba, Jane Ciabattari, Jo Ann Circosta, Andrew Cleary, Marnie Colton, Abigail Deutsch, Andi Diehn, Ruth Douillette, Anthony D’Souza, Craig Fehrman, Barbara Fister, Rebecca Foust, Rose Fox, James Gibbons, Daniela Gioseffi, Christine Granados, David Greenberg, Beth Gutcheon, Kevin Hartnett, Sean Hughes, Charlotte Innes, Reamy Jansen, Troy Jollimore, Steven Kellman, Carolyn Kellogg, Brock Kingsley, Jonathan Kirsch, Herbert Leibowitz, Charles Matthews, Laura Miller, David Milofsky, Dan Moldea, Kel Munger, Mickey Pearlman, Joseph Peschel, Britt Peterson, Margaret Renkl, Karen Rigby, Carl Rollyson, Keith Runyon, Terri Schlichnmeyer, Lynne Sharon Schwartz, Brian Sholis, Leora Skolkin-Smith, Wendy Smith, John Stoehr, Tess Taylor, Craig Teicher, Whitney Terrell, Matthew Tiffany, Anne Trubek, Jason Warshof, Irene Watson, Katharine Weber, Jerome Weeks, Annette Gallagher Weisman, Bill Williams, and Art Winslow.