Critical Notes

Roundup 24

By Jane Ciabattari

Blogger Andrew Sullivan helps sell subscriptions to the print version of The Atlantic.

Are you following “Best of the Millennium” so far on The Millions? Countdown continues!

Adam Kirsch calls Michael Greenberg a figure out of Bellow.

M.A. Orthofer’s Nobel odds.

The editors of Nolafugees consider Ethan Brown’s true-crime book “Shake the Devil Off” in the light of their own post-Katrina revelations.

Laurie Muchnick on the much ballyhooed Dan Brown novel.

Gore Vidal, in conversation with his literary executor Jay Parini at the Key West Literary Seminars, discusses his feelings about FDR and George W. Bush.

Craig Morgan Teicher reviews “The Khaarijee: A Chronicle of Friendship and War in Kabul.”

Best of the Web “Top Poetry Blogs.”

Leora Skolkin-Smith on Clarice Lispector’s “Hour of the Star.” In “Why This World,” his new biography of the Brazilian novelist, Ben Moser makes a case for putting her in a starry category as well. Right up there with Kafka.

Brian Allen Carr reviews Eric Miles Williamson’s “Welcome to Oakland” in The Collagist.

Daniels Parseliti reviews Donald Breckenridge’s “You Are Here,” refers to “metafictioinal knottiness.”

Steve Kellman on Declan Kiberd’s “James Joyce for ordinary blokes.”

Back by popular demand in Greensboro: the book pages!

Reviewing Doctorow’s “Homer & Langley:” Joseph Peschel in St. Louis Post-Dispatch, David L. Ulin in the Los Angeles Times,  Pete Hamill in the newly redesigned Barnes & Noble review, Rayyan Al-Shawaf in the San Antonio Express News, yrs truly at

Jacob Silverman on Grigoris Palakean’s and other memoirs of the Armenian genocide.

Scott McLemee on Karen Ho’s anthopological take on Wall Street. And on the passing of Jim Carroll.

London Review blog: Morgenbesserisms, Moby without the dicks.

At Wesleyan, a labyrinth in honor of Kit Reed and husband Joe.