Critical Mass

Rocky Mountain News Report

By Jane Ciabattari

NBCC member Jenny Shank, Books & Writers Editor of NewWest.Net/Books, sends this note on the impending demise of the Rocky Mountain News:

“Its owner, Scripps, put it up for sale and will likely shut down the paper if no buyer is found by mid-January.  If the Rocky goes, another books section will disappear.  I have written freelance book reviews for the Rocky for eight years, and though I am partial, I think it has one of the best review sections in our region, even after several cutbacks in its allotted space, and books editor Patti Thorn always does a great, entertaining job with her columns and features.

“Anyway, some of the journalists at the Rocky have started a website,, where readers can voice their support for the paper.  There’s all kinds of contact information there, so I thought I’d pass it along in case anyone is interested.”

Jenny’s “Best Western Books of 2008” here.