Critical Notes

Midweek Roundup 2


Blushing, we see Critical Mass on the Readerville‘s Karen Templer’s list of Top 10 Book Blogs.

Melville House’s Dennis Loy Johnson has revived MobyLives, which was launched in 1992.

Cool Bob Dylan playlist , courtesy VeryShortList.

Toni Morrison week on NPR; Nobelist interviewed and reads from her new novel, “A Mercy.”

John Updike talks to WNYC’s Leonard Lopate about what makes for a good critic (engaging with the book that’s been written, not the book that you wish had been written) and his troubles with Michiko Kakutani (“she’s hard on us white males”).

Mary Ann Gwinn’s interview with a vampire expert.

Karen Long takes a look at the “Twilighters” and Dracula phenom.

Prep for the Academy of American Poets “Poets Forum,” upcoming November 6-8 in New York City, read Sven Birkerts’ “Clarity and Obscurity in Poetry.”

“Three Churches,” Philip Graham’s latest Lisbon dispatch for McSweeney’s. (He’s back in Illinois in time to vote.)

Coming November 13: a Haudenosaunee panel at Book Culture in New York featuring poet Eric Gansworth, author of “A Half-Life of Cardio-Pulmonary Function;” historian-journalist Doug George-Kanentiio, author of “Iroquois on Fire: A Voice from the Mohawk Nation;” and Sally Roesch Wagner, author of “Sisters in Spirit: Iroquois Influence on Early American Feminists.”

Tim Brown on Patricia Smith’s Katrina-saturated collection “Blood Dazzler.”

Kit Reed on writing for children and adults.

Susan Shapiro finds the current political climate “shockingly” like her memoir class.