Critical Notes

Friday Roundup 3


In the Chicago Tribune, NBCC member Donna Seaman reviews Peter Ferry’s Travel Writing.

Meanwhile in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, NBCC member Steve Weinberg takes on New York Times columnist David Carr’s memoir Night of the Gun.

In the Los Angeles Times, NBCC member Donna Rifkind reviews Bart Schneider’s The Man in the Blizzard.

And here, via, is former NBCC president John Freeman on Jim Holt’s side-splitting Stop Me If You’ve Heard This: A History and Philosophy of Jokes.

A farewell and hail-thee-well on a job well done goes out to NBCC member DeWitt Henry, who has finished his editorial term as interim director of Ploughshares. Ladette Randolph, former managing editor of the University of Nebraska Press, takes over in October.

Got a review coming out? News about changes in your career? Let us know about it!