Critical Notes

Saturday Weekend


NBCC board member Eric Banks’s Derby pick in Men’s Vogue.

Former NBCC board member Laura Miller on Christopher Benfey’s “A Summer of Hummingbirds” in the New York Times Book Review.

Also in Sunday’s NYTRB: NBCC member Mark Sarvas’s first novel, “Harry, Revised,” reviewed. Sarvas will be feted on in Los Angeles on Sunday, May 4 at 8pm at the Mountain Bar in Chinatown by readers MARIANNE MEYERHOFF (the author of “Four Girls from Berlin” revisits her memoir about her childhood during the Holocaust), TERESA CARMODY (the publisher of Les Figues Press will be reading from Axel Thormählen’s very cool book just translated from the Swedish) and MARISA SILVER (author of the short story collection “Babe in Paradise” and the recently released novel “God of War”). {Plus free cake.)

Chuck Leddy reviews NBCC member DeWitt Henry’s new collection of essays, “Safe Suicide,” reviewed in the Boston Globe. Henry is longtime editor of Ploughshares.

Download this poem by NBCC board member Maureen McLane, from her forthcoming collection,“Same Life.”