Critical Notes



Who’s to blame when factual inaccuracies make their way into a book? In the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, NBCC member Bob Hoover argues it’s the author, not the publisher, who is most culpable.

For the last half year NBCC board member Rigoberto González has been blogging at the Poetry Foundation. In his final installment, he says farewell before moving his blogging tack over to Critical Mass.

In honor of his distinction as a teacher and his work as editorial steward of Pleiades: A Journal of New Writing, NBCC board member Kevin Prufer has been named recipient of the Byler Distinguished Faculty Award at the University of Central Missouri. The award is named after William H. Byler, an inventor, author and teacher who graduated from UCM in 1927 with a major in chemistry and physics.

In the Los Angeles Times, NBCC board member Lizzie Skurnick reviews two books on Second Life.

Was he told there would be cake? In the Boston Globe, NBCC member Katherine A. Powers looks at ‘s World War II Writings.

Outgoing NBCC prez John Freeman in The Guardian, on whether we’re reading more about books than reading books.

At The Barnes and Noble Review, NBCC member David Abrams takes on George Packer’s new play Betrayed.

And say hello to our little friend! NBCC member and Mount Holyoke student Jen Udden has started a book-review section in her college newspaper.