Critical Mass

The Ten Laws of Independent Publishing


Around Frankfurt, I kept hearing about a list of rules German publisher (and novelist) Michael Kruger compiled. It was a sort of secular ten commandments for small press publishing. Here they are. In a world of small press consolidation, and independent bookstore closings, it would seem they are more important than ever.—JF

1. Publish only the books you really love.

2. Publish only the books you love read yourself.

3. Never publish more books than you can read.

4. Never publish a book that bores you, even if you think that you can sell it.

5. Only publish books that make you wonder.

6. Do not publish only fiction

7. Never think that books make people better.

8. Always be happy that you do not have to publish the books of your competitors.

9. Always be aware that too much reading is bad for your eyes and bad for your back.

10. Publishers who are only interested in books, are dangerous.