Critical Mass

Around the World with the NBCC 6


OVER AT the LA TIMES, three board members take on winter books. Art Winslow reviews Susan Jacoby’s new book, The Age of American Unreason, (that’s Jacoby, pictured right) James Marcus watches Charles Baxter up the metaphysical ante with The Soul Thief, and David Ulin reviews Stephen Millhauser’s new collection.

Member John Mark Eberhart has a new website and poetry blog.

Former finalist Diane Johnson and John F. Murray review David Rieff’s memoir of his mother, Susan Sontag, Swimming in a Sea of Death.

Board member Rigoberto Gonzalez visits sleepy hollow.

At the New Yorker, former NBCC winner Seymour Hersh looks into a cross-border bombing raid Israel made on Syria in September of 2007.

In the San Francisco Chronicle, member Megan Harlan takes a look at John Edgar Wideman’s “Fanon,” while member Olivia Boler swallows the ocean. 

Board member Kevin Prufer’s “Seeds” appeared on Poetry Daily recently.