Critical Mass

Daniel Woodrell on What to Read This Summer

By Daniel Woodrell

The month of June kicked off Reading the World.As part of this project, the NBCC has asked writers from around the globe to recommend a book from beyond these shores. We asked recent LA Times Book Prize finalist Daniel Woodrell, author of “Winter's Bone” and other novels, what he had to recommend. He responded by plucking this excerpt out of “Runt,” by Niall Griffiths.

“Last summer it was not like any other summer of my life it was when so many things happened to go Crash in my head. When I said tara to the school and laughed and did a dance on my own and NotDad pushed me out and up to Drunkle's house because He Needed Me they said, Them Two, He Needed Me is what they said cos Auntie Scantie was found up in the tree like they found the ripped sheep…”

–from Daniel Woodrell