The National Book Critics Circle Award

Cover of The Love Songs of W.E.B. Du Bois; abstract images of a woman, a tree and a sun
Cover of How The Word is Passed; all text, with the title words bolded
Cover of All the Frequent Troubles of Our Days; an X created out of Nazi-era documents and photos
Cover of Frank: Sonnets; a shirtless man making a fist and curling his bicep
Cover of Girlhood; the word Girlhood, in shades of pink, repeated and gradually disappearing
The cover of Afterparties, with a pink sky and two boys smoking in a pickup truck

Critical Notes

W. Scott Olsen. The Reading List in Morning

By Jennie Hann

Greetings, NBCC Friends, In the aftermath of the horrific attack against novelist Salman Rushdie, the National Book Critics Circle remains committed to advocating for the right to freedom of expression for

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Steffan Triplett is a Black, queer poet and nonfiction wri...Read More

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