Panel: Ethics of Book Reviewing

May 30, 2013 11:00 am
Javits Center, Room 1E10
655 W 34th St New York, NY

All’s Fair?: Book Reviews & The Missing Code Of Ethics

Moderated by Marcela Valdes

Should book reviewers be required to follow a code of ethics, the way many other journalists do? The Society of Professional Journalists, for example, publishes a set of guidelines that are widely accepted in the newspaper industry, but book reviewers have no comparable code. Should there be one? If so, what should its rules be? How would it affect bloggers and moonlighting critics-novelists asked to write about fellow novelists, say, or experts asked to assess competitors in their field? Would such a code do anything to restrain the back-scratching and score-settling that can taint current reviews? The panelists will tackle these questions and others as part of an ongoing survey that the NBCC is conducting into ethics in 2013.


Maureen Corrigan (National Public Radio)
Carlin Romano (Chronicle of Higher Education)
Parul Sehgal (New York Times Book Review)
Eric Simonoff (William Morris Endeavor)
Lorin Stein (Paris Review)

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